Indoor Air Quality Testing

ASHI Certified Home Inspector in Chicago, Illinois

We typically provide this service to our Home Buyer and Pre-Listing clients as an added feature should there be doubts about the air quality in the home. This testing is usually related to mold colonies that are discovered or suspected to be present. We have a variety of ways to take samples depending on the condition of the colony and its accessibility. We send those samples to a lab for detailed analysis and a follow-up report.

Although we do not perform Radon Testing ourselves, we are associated with two reputable testing services in the area which conduct these tests on our behalf. After a 48 hour test period, they provide the Client and us with a written report of their findings. With this information it can be determined if a mitigation system is needed to be installed in the property.

Radon, Mold, Allergen, Lead Paint, Asbestos Inspections/Testing

We can conduct either a limited or thorough inspection of the home as requested by the client or as suggested by us. Depending on the inspection findings, we will recommend the appropriate number and type of samples to be taken and laboratory tested. We will consult and advise the owner throughout the entire abatement and remediation process.

Radon testing can be sub-contracted through True Blue Home Inspections in addition to your other inspection services. We will arrange for the test and make recommendations to you based on the test results.


Prices depend on the level of inspection required and the types of samples taken for lab testing. We would be happy to consult with you regarding your specific property. Please call or email us for more detailed pricing information.

Basic Inspection: $150 >

Air samples: $100/cassette (2 needed)

Wet/dry samples: $50/swab, tape, bulk

Radon testing: $200-225/test

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