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ASHI Certified Home Inspector in Chicago, Illinois

This type of inspection refers to small store fronts and multi-family residential properties. These buildings usually contain the same types and sizes of utility systems that we find in single family homes. Depending on the legal requirements of your transaction, we can provide a Standard Inspection Report, or a Walk-Through Survey following the guidelines of an ASTM E-2018 Property Condition Assessment (with some sections excluded).

As for the multi-family buildings, we prefer to inspect every rental unit in detail, but will gladly visit only those as defined by the Buyer. We always inspect the exterior as-best-as-possible and the roof if it is safe to access. We also inspect any central heating and/or hot water equipment and systems.

We perform Walk-Through Surveys in accordance with ASTME-2018 Standard Guide (with exceptions to sections 7, 8, and 9) for commercial properties under three stories tall and residential buildings with six or less units.


Residential Investment: 6 units or less

  • Common elements, central heat-cool = $200
  • Units: w/o heat-cool = $100/unit
  • Units: w/ heat-cool = $125/unit

Store Front/ Warehouse/Loft:

  • < 2,000 sf = $.25/sf
  • 2,000 sf – 4,000 sf = $.20/sf
  • > 4,000 sf = $.15/sf

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