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With a population of 12,000 people, Lincolnwood is wonderfully situated near a variety of transportation routes. Being near Interstate #94, it is a quick trip to downtown Chicago. There are many commercial streets running through the town as well: Touhy, Lincoln, Pratt, and Devon Avenues. On these are a wide variety of stores and shopping malls, such as Lincolnwood Town Center and Lincoln Village. It is home to the International Career Institute, Shore Galleries gun shop, L. Woods and Psistaria Greek Taverna restaurants, and Binny’s Beverage Depot – where I shop often. There are nearly eight clinics in the town extended from nearby hospitals such as: North Shore Health, St. Francis Hospital, Swedish Covenant Hospital, and others. The elementary school District #74 is housed in three buildings named for the president and the two women he loved: Lincoln Hall, Todd Hall, and Rutledge Hall. The high school students attend a variety of schools in the surrounding communities.

At True Blue Home Inspections, our purpose is to provide the most reliable and accurate information about the property that we can to our clients. By giving them a highly trained, unbiased perspective, we strive to offer clarity, direction and peace of mind to the home buyer. We focus on safety issues and the proper function of all systems and components.

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