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The population of 24,000 people are nearly evenly divided between the two halves of the city which is neatly split down the middle by the North Branch of the Chicago River. This is intersected by Dempster Street which runs east and west and divides the city in half again. Along the banks of the river are many wonderful parks and forest preserves: Linne Woods, Freedom Woods, Wayside Woods, and Miami Woods. These public lands are filled with athletic parks, swimming pools and playgrounds. Just south of the river and Dempster intersection is The Crossing at Morton Grove, a commercial center filled with retail and service stores. It is supported by a thriving commercial strip all along Dempster Street. The area was originally occupied by English farmers with many Germans following in the mid-19th Century. In the 21st Century there has been a rapid increase of Asian nationalities moving in from the Philippines, Syria, India, and Pakistan, making Morton Grove one of the largest Asian communities in the North Shore. The residential architecture is a wonderful mix of old and new single-family homes with several low-rise condominiums built near the METRA train station and the various commercial centers. The elementary school children attend their own Morton Grove District #70, or to neighboring communities in Golf, District #67, Skokie/Morton Grove District #69, and East Maine District #63. The high school students typically attend Maine East or Niles North or Niles West.

At True Blue Home Inspections, our purpose is to provide the most reliable and accurate information about the property that we can to our clients. By giving them a highly trained, unbiased perspective, we strive to offer clarity, direction and peace of mind to the home buyer. We focus on safety issues and the proper function of all systems and components.

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