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ASHI Certified Home Inspector in Chicago, Illinois

We consider this service as one of the more vital aspects of preparing a home for sale. With a Pre-Listing Inspection, the home owner can get a detailed review of the various systems in the home and an analysis of their operating condition. The report will provide them with photos of the found defects and recommendations for repair or replacement. From this list the owner can decide which repairs they care to make or let stand as they are. This will also allow them to recalculate their listing price to better reflect the actual condition of the home. In turn, this will give them confidence in their pricing when entering negotiations with the buyer.

An added marketing feature of this inspection is that it can be made Public online so potential buyers can review it and consider its findings. This often attracts buyers to your property as they see the report as a ‘good faith’ gesture on your part.

Our purpose is to inform the seller of any major, and/or a collection of a minor, problems with the house and its systems so they may anticipate a similar list from their prospective buyer’s inspector. In this way, they can make improvements as they see fit, adjust the home’s listing price, or feel secure in their position about the condition of the home and its price. After repairs are complete, we can make the updated report available in print and digital formats for interested buyers.

Our CONSULTATION service is a less expensive tour of the home where the typical defects are noted and combined in a useful punch-list for your consideration.


There are a number of important variables which affect our pricing:

  • type and size of the property
  • number of heating and cooling systems
  • location

We ask that you call us directly so we can discuss the details of your property and give you an accurate price for our services.

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