Home Inspection Services

Licensed, Insured, and Certified Home Inspector in Chicago, Illinois

At True Blue, we visually inspect the property in great detail in all accessible areas from the roof to the foundation including the utility systems and appliances. For condominiums, this also includes any common areas and systems that are accessible. For as long as you own this property, we provide you with free telephone consultation and advice. Read on for more information about our inspection services.

Sample Report

Certified Home Inspector Chicago, Illinois
  • Home Buyer Inspection
  • Home Seller Pre-listing Inspection & Consultation
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Commercial Lite

Our purpose is to provide the home buyer with information concerning any major, and/or a collection of minor, problems with the house and its systems so they can make a more informed decision about its purchase and price. Our digital reports include all pertinent photos of any defects and major components.

Our purpose is to inform the seller of any major, and/or a collection of a minor, problems with the house and its systems so they may anticipate a similar list from their prospective buyer’s inspector. In this way, they can make improvements as they see fit, adjust the home’s listing price, or feel secure in their position about the condition of the home and its price. After repairs are complete, we can make the updated report available in print and digital formats for interested buyers.

Our CONSULTATION service is a less expensive tour of the home where the typical defects are noted and combined in a useful punch-list for your consideration.

Radon, Mold, Allergen, Lead Paint, Asbestos Inspections/Testing

We can conduct either a limited or thorough inspection of the home as requested by the client or as suggested by us. Depending on the inspection findings, we will recommend the appropriate number and type of samples to be taken and laboratory tested. We will consult and advise the owner throughout the entire abatement and remediation process.

Radon testing can be sub-contracted through True Blue Home Inspections in addition to your other inspection services. We will arrange for the test and make recommendations to you based on the test results.

We perform Walk-Through Surveys in accordance with ASTME-2018 Standard Guide (with exceptions to sections 7, 8, and 9) for commercial properties under three stories tall and residential buildings with six or less units.


  • Buyer Or Seller Inspection
  • Indoor Air Quality Testing
  • Commercial Lite

There are a number of important variables which effect our pricing:

  • type and size of the property
  • number of heating and cooling systems
  • location

We ask that you call us directly so we can discuss the details of your property and give you an accurate price for our services.

Prices depend on the level of inspection required and the types of samples taken for lab testing. We would be happy to consult with you regarding your specific property. Please call or email us for more detailed pricing information.

Basic Inspection: $150 >

Air samples: $100/cassette (2 needed)

Wet/dry samples: $50/swab, tape, bulk

Radon testing: $200-225/test

Residential Investment: 6 units or less

  • Common elements, central heat-cool
  • Units: w/o heat-cool
  • Units: w/ heat-cool
  • = $200
  • = $100/unit
  • = $125/unit

Store Front/ Warehouse/Loft:

  • < 2,000 sf
  • 2,000 sf – 4,000 sf
  • > 4,000 sf
  • = $.25/sf
  • = $.20/sf
  • = $.15/sf
Radon Testing Chicago

Special Services


For those who wish to learn about the home’s repair/upgrade history, we offer BUILDFAX; a database from which we can pull a list of recorded permits issued to the building. This is an additional fee of $50.


For those who wish to check the reliability of the major consumer appliances (ovens, refrigerators, washers, dryers, etc.), we offer RECALL-CHEK; a database for machines that have been recalled by the manufacturers. This is an additional fee of $50.