How This New Home Inspection Trend Could Affect You

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Home buyers can save thousands of dollars by getting a professional home inspection done before purchasing a home. Existing homeowners can also benefit by identifying faults in advance, so it’s wise not to skip an inspection.

However, when things do go wrong, many home buyers try to find fault with the inspector, which is unfair. Therefore, home inspectors have started wearing body cameras during the inspection to be protected from frivolous claims.

The camera will prove:

  • the client got informed verbally about a defect 
  • the seller’s property was not damaged 
  • the inspector stole nothing

The video can also be helpful to the home inspector as it may provide additional photos to imbed in the report.

Favors customers

While the inspector will have more protection from false claims of negligence by wearing a camera, it can also help the home buyer. For example, if a lawsuit gets brought to court, the video evidence can prove that the inspector was negligent on specific matters. 

The video footage will also restrain the client from filing false claims against the inspector and, in the process, help them avoid forking out on unnecessary legal costs. Therefore, home buyers and inspectors should both embrace the new body camera trend. 

Professional opinion

I hope this trend causes more home buyers to be present and engaged with their inspector as it will show that they were correctly informed of any discovered defects during the tour. It will also help homeowners in their overall understanding and appreciation of their inspector and the report provided. 

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